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Our Daily Devotional is free but very valuable! If you have been looking for a simple and practical daily devotional look no further. We would love to send you a daily devotional created and written daily.

We are truly honored to provide this daily email devotional and we praise God that He would use ordinary people like us to share His Word!

Here is what just a few of our Daily Readers are saying about the Daily Encouraging Word:

  • This is the most encouraging daily devotional that I have ever received…and I have received many!
  • God speaks to me directly through your daily devotional. The Holy Spirit is clearly in your ministry. Thank you and may God continue to bless your ministry abundantly!
  • I look forward to this email every single morning. Your words are truly life changing. I can’t thank you enough!
  • Your daily messages are so hope filled. I need this and I thank God for your ministry.
  • I just wanted to say thank you for this daily email. I needed something like this in my life and I am excited when I receive it every day. God bless ya’ll!!!

It is truly an honor and privilege for us to share these daily blessings with everyone and we give God all the glory for the amazing results. Lives are being transformed the matchless name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and we would love to share the Daily Encouraging Word with you too

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28 Responses to Daily Devotional

  1. Elise Sodeman says:

    I tried to sign up for the daily devotion but it will not accept my email as valid :(

    • Diane Levy says:

      I have added you to the daily devotion. Please check your email to confirm your subscription. Happy to have you join us. –Diane

  2. I look forward to reading the devotional every day early in the morning when I can’t sleep. It helps me think about God instead of my pain. I am not able to get the devotions to share with my friends now that you have changed the way you have it set up. I can’t save the pictures either.

  3. Atooba says:

    He has done for me ¡He done for me ¡¡He has done for me ¡¡¡ what my mummy, my Daddy and my relative cannot do He has done for me. I’am really excited in praising you. Thank Jesus the matchless name

  4. Allison Levy says:

    Praise God for a great Tuesday. We pray God sends a special blessing to all that visit us today. We love to hear your praises, we bow down to hear your tribulations. Trust God this week, and watch His amazing love grow in you.

  5. Teri Stapleton says:

    I’m now getting the devotionals just fine l. Thank you.

  6. Teri Stapleton says:

    I’m now getting the devotionals just fine l. Thank you.

  7. Patricia Komane says:

    thank you so much what a blessing to start a day with an inspiration from
    GODS word.

    • christine Curtiss says:

      I love your devotionals.They are so real and down to earth.I truly believe that the Lord speaks through you to me and others.Have a blessed day.And thanks again.

  8. sarra says:

    Thank you..Siri inspirational thank you

  9. Teri Stapleton says:

    I keep putting in my email address to receive the Devotionals, but it keeps saying my email is invalid. You are currently using it however?! Thanks

  10. Teri Stapleton says:

    Looking so forward to reading every morning

  11. Yvette Cantrell says:

    God’s Word is So refreshing. You shallbefor spreaspreading It through the World.
    May God Continue to order your steps and bless your ministry.
    Happy Love Day.


  12. Raymond Charron says:

    I was wondering that I would ever see you again miss you. And Think you for coming back.

  13. Atooba says:

    I need daily devotion so that I can be able to grow in faith

  14. beverly says:

    Looking forward to reading your daily devotionals

  15. Amelia Flores Hibdon says:

    Thank you for welcome…looking forward to the fellowship and support. Thanks All and God Bless!

  16. Deborah says:

    I am so excited about “Peace Be With U”!! Almost as excited as I am about the LORD!! Thank you!

    • Allison Levy says:


      We are excited that you found us, and we hope to be a blessing to you whether through your prayer requests, witness apparel, or encouraging words. Thank you for being a part of our family.

      Peace Be With U team

  17. Crystal Goforth says:

    Praise God for all that He has done for me.

  18. Cindy Sauer says:

    Have done this before. Maybe, I’m messing us somewhere.

    • Allison Levy says:


      Thank you for finding us. WE look forward to being with you during moments of praise or times of sorrows. If you ever need a special prayer request, our team stands by to pray.

      Peace Be With U team

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