Matthew 18:20

Matthew 18:20

For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. More »

Romans 1:7

Romans 1:7

To all in Rome who are loved by God and called to be his holy people: Grace and peace to you from God our Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ. More »

Genesis 1:26

Genesis 1:26

And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. More »

Romans 5:1

Romans 5:1

Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ: More »


Praying the Prayer of Asa

Ephesians 6 12

Then Asa called to the LORD his God and said, “LORD, there is no one like you to help the powerless against the mighty. Help us, LORD our God, for we rely on you, and in your name we have come against this vast army. LORD, you are our God; do not let mere mortals prevail against you.” (2 Chronicles 14:11 NIV)

Asa was one of the good kings of Judah.  He was surrounded in battle by the Ethiopians.  It was two against one.  Judah was no match for the Ethiopians army.  Asa did the right thing.  He turned to God.  God did not let him down.  The Ethiopians army was defeated.  Asa’s prayer is a prayer that we can pray.  We are also fighting a war. “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” (Ephesians 6:12 NIV)

You can have victory today!  Pray the prayer of Asa and believe.


Trust that I Love You

Romans 1 17

This Good News tells us that God makes us ready for heaven—makes us right in God’s sight—when we put our faith and trust in Christ to save us. This is accomplished from start to finish by faith. As the Scripture says it, “The man who finds life will find it through trusting God.” Romans 1:17 (TLB)

It’s so simple but we make it so complicated. Through the ages ‘religion’ has made a list of things you have to do to be accepted by God but God says “Wait!” It’s not true. Don’t listen to those lies. Jesus did it all, there is nothing more for you to do. All you have to do to find life is trust me. Trust that I love you. Trust that I died for you. Trust that what I did will cover you. Hold on to me and believe.

–Elaine Kapetanakis

God’s Girl

Gods Girl

Jesus replied, “‘You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind.” Matthew 22:37 (NLT)

I’m not a rule following kind of girl. Growing up, I was pretty rebellious. I felt like I was always in trouble but that usually didn’t make me follow the straight and narrow. I remember the day when God called and said, “Follow me.” I said, “No thanks, I’m not a rule following person and most churches are all about the rules.” God said, “Don’t follow the rules. Get to know me. That’s all I ask.” I have to admit I wrestled with this for a bit because all I’d experienced were the rules. But I said, “OK. No rules but I will get to know you.” That started a relationship that has spanned many years. It hasn’t always been pretty on my part but God has been faithful in showing up and showing me who he is. I still am not a rule following kind of girl but I am a God girl. What I’ve learned about God is that he obliterates the rules we humans have put into place.  He demolishes them with his unwavering love. He is my kind of God. And I’ve learned that it’s much easier to follow someone you love than to follow the rules.

–Elaine Kapetanakis

He Will Quiet You with His Love

Zephaniah 3 17-nkjv

The LORD your God in your midst, The Mighty One, will save; He will rejoice over you with gladness, He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing.”  (Zephaniah 3:17 NKJV)

When I heard this verse in my on-line devotion today I pictured myself as a child crying because I was hurt and Jesus holding me quieting me with His love and singing a lullaby to me.  When we are hurt we can come to the open arms of Jesus.  He will comfort us.  Are you hurting today?  His arms are wide open.  Accept His love and hear His song of love for you.  He will comfort you.  He loves you sooo much!


Safe Places

Matthew 21 13

If there is any place in the world that is a safe place to fail it should be in a healthy, Christian church. And our kids should know that. The members of the church must learn to relate to their kids the same way their Savior relates to them… “There is nothing you can do that will make us stop loving you. We may not be crazy about what you’re doing right now, but it doesn’t change how we feel about you. We may not appreciate what you’re doing, but we’re glad you’re in here anyway.”

Every youngster in our churches has the right to grow up knowing, “I didn’t always make all the right choices and I know I sometimes disappointed them, but one thing I always knew – they loved me there. No matter how bad it got, I knew I could always go back.”

Some kids are easier to love than others. Most kids are easier to love at some times in their lives than at other times. I’m convinced God often gifts churches with irascible kids and says, “You say you love Me…OK, here’s your chance to demonstrate it. And remember, you love Me the same amount as you love the one you love the least.”

So let me attempt to draft the kind of prayer our kids need to hear their church pray. It might go something like this: “Dear Lord, if there is any influence in our homes or in our church that is leading our kids in the wrong direction, please show us what it is. If there is something we are neglecting in our training of them, please bring it to our attention. If there is anything in us that is making it difficult for them to fall deeply in love with Jesus, make us aware of it.

“If the example we are setting of what a joyous Christian is in any way makes our faith unattractive to our children, dear God, we plead with you to forgive us and purge it from our hearts. And please, Lord, rescue us from the pride that wants our children to obey so their bad choices don’t make us look like bad parents. If there is anything they are doing or they are becoming that we should know about, please show us what it is, and give us Godly wisdom as we help them through it. May this prayer-saturated church we are seeking to establish reach out with effectiveness into our community, but please may it begin in here…for Jesus’ sake. Amen.”

-Don Jacobsen (

Thy Will Be Done

Matthew 26 42

Thy will be done.  Matthew 26:42

Father God, I find myself in the midst of a lot of uncertainty, wondering what’s next. There are days when I wonder what you are doing. What are you thinking? There are days I wonder “Why?” By your grace alone I remember that you alone are God and I am not. I don’t understand; I can’t understand your ways. But I trust you. My heart surrenders to your will.  Amen

–Elaine Kapetanakis